Bluetooth 5.0

This is the latest Bluetooth technology! It allows you to go up to 30 feet away from your phone while your earbuds remain connected with improved sound quality.

Touch Control

Answer your calls, increase/decrease volume, change your song or pause music with the touch of a finger. 

Wireless Charging Case

Works with any wireless charging base, pod or stand. You can also charge the case with a USB charger. 

Auto On/Off

Place the earbuds into the case to automatically turn them off and recharge. Remove the earbuds and they automatically turn on and connect to your last paired device. 

Sports Kit Available

Optional Sports Kit includes:
- Comfort fit ear bud covers
- Security strap
- Protective silicon case cover
- Carabiner clip
- Storage pouch

EarBud Features

- EarBuds charge while in the case
- Touch control
- Answer calls
- Play/Pause music
- Next/Last song
- Auto On/Off
- Wireless charging case
- Bluetooth 5.0

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  • Specs

    Working time: About 3.5 hours
    - Standby time: 20 hours
    Charging time via USB: About 1 hour
    Charging time via wireless charging: About 1 1/2 hours
    Bluetooth distance: 30 Feet

What customers are saying

  • Heather N.

    "I'm in love with my EarBuds! The wireless charging case and touch controls make my day go round." 

  • Eric B.

    "The sound quality and ease of use have me hooked! I won't use any other earbuds." 

  • Lisa D.

    "OMG, these earbuds absolutely rock! I got from my favorite playlist to a phone call with one simple touch."

  • Stephen H.

    "Hands down the best earbuds on the market for the price!"

  • Michelle B.

    "They are so comfortable to wear and I love that they automatically charge when they are in the case"

  • Tonia H.

    "This country girl loves her country music and these earbuds keep the music going no matter what I'm doing."

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